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What Type of Nutrition Coaching Do I Need?

Updated: Mar 15

For the longest time it seemed like Dietitians offered mainly just 1:1 Nutrition Coaching but over the last few years and thanks to technology--we can now reach more people who need our services in different ways and at different price points. Some of these newer services that I offer include: Group Nutrition Coaching, Online Courses, and 1:1 Nutrition Coaching. I honestly don't believe that any one of these services trumps the others.

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to Nutrition Coaching and it can be difficult to know which one is the best fit for you. Just like with most things in nutrition land--it depends 🙄

To help you feel more comfortable about working with me or any other provider that offers these services, I'm going to walk you through some factors to consider when making your decision.


What Are The Benefits of Nutrition Coaching?

Any of the types of nutrition coaching we're talking about today (Group, Online Courses, and 1:1) all provide the huge benefit of knowing that you're getting credible nutrition information that fits your needs. It's so easy to hop online and search up any topic and get majorly conflicting answers leaving you feeling more confused then when you started. Nutrition coaching is often the missing piece in either your training or health journey. Whether you have a big race on the calendar or you're trying to understand how to fuel your daily life--nutrition can have big impacts with small changes over time. Nutrition coaching can also help take away the stress that comes with fueling your body--leaving you with more time to focus on other things!

When Would Group Coaching Be The Right Fit?

Group Coaching often gets overlooked because you feel like you may not get the same attention as 1:1 Nutrition Coaching and that is true to some extent as 1:1 provides the highest level of communication, customization, and support. BUT-- what you do get in group coaching that you don't get in any other service is that community of other people who are in the same boat as you and who often have great information and resources to share in addition to what I'm sharing. I've even gotten ideas for run fueling options from group coaching!

To recap--benefits of Group Coaching include:

  • Lower price point than 1:1 coaching

  • Recorded coaching calls so you can still get all the info even if you can't make it live

  • Great option for those with a crazy schedule because of the previous point

  • Group chat for extra support between coaching calls

When Would An Online Course Be The Right Fit?

Online Courses can be scary to purchase because it feels like you're not totally sure what you're going to get right? I get it---I've been there. I also purchase a lot of online courses because I can't always make it to the live calls for group programs but I still want that information and I just need to be able to go through it on my own time. With my online courses you get the same information that I give my 1:1 clients and my group coaching clients without the extra support that those options offer. However--when you purchase an online course you always have the option to add on monthly text support or a 1:1 call if needed because I'm here if you need me!

To recap-- benefits of Online Courses include:

  • Usually the most budget friendly

  • Lifetime access so you can go through the course as many times as needed

  • Go through the course when it works best with your schedule

  • You receive the same information group and 1:1 clients get

  • You can often get through the information quicker than group coaching or 1:1

When Would 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Be The Right Fit?

1:1 Nutrition Coaching is a great fit for most people. It provides the highest level of support, communication, and customization. You get the same information as those in Group Coaching or Online Courses (because science is science👩‍🔬) but you get a deep level of support with taking that information and implementing it into your life.

For example:

  • A runner who purchases Fueled Up For Race Day Online Course will get all the information they need to be able to put together a run fueling plan for themselves by the end of the course.

  • A runner who works with me 1:1 will also learn this same information. But, ultimately I am the one putting the plan together along with input from the runner. They will practice their plan on their runs and we follow up with support calls and I make changes to the plan as needed

To recap--benefits of 1:1 Nutrition Coaching include:

  • Highest level of support, communication, and customization

  • Help taking the knowledge and finding easy ways to implement it into your specific situation

  • Able to adapt to changes in your life and provide the support needed in those situations

I truly don't feel that there is a "best" choice when it comes to these services because it really does depend on budget, time, and how you like to learn. I have a business mentor and I have never worked with her in a 1:1 setting because straight up it doesn't fit my budget. I knew that I wanted to learn from her and knew that I needed what she had to offer so I worked with her in a small group setting and loved learning from not only her but the other Dietitians in the group.

If you know you need Nutrition Coaching but you're not sure where to start I recommend setting up a Free 15 Minute Intro Call where we can chat about what you're looking for and I can help you decide which service is the best fit. If you're looking to dip your toes into the water and see what it's like to have a Dietitian in your corner--check out Dig In Membership for $10/month

Kayla Fitzgerald is a Registered Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and founder of Endurance Nutrition located in Charleston, South Carolina. She works with clients 1:1, through small group coaching, and online courses. Her goal is to help you fuel your body for whatever the day has in store whether it's a 100 mile race or getting through the work day.

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