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I am so glad that you joined me for the Bridge Run Fueling Workshop and to say Thank You I have a few offers for you.

1) Use code "bridgerun" to save 50% off Fueled Up For Every Day and Fueled Up For Race Day Courses through 3/30. You get lifetime access and you'll also get any updates I make to the courses--which I have plans to make over the next few months!

2) Grab a membership to Dig In (read more below) for just $99 for an entire year! No code needed for this one 

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During this online course you’ll learn all the things I teach my 1:1 nutrition clients but you can get there at your own pace!  I'll show you how to make sure you’re getting the right mix of nutrients at the right time to support performance + daily life! Includes the 71 page Fueled Up Workbook. Everything you need to know to fuel your body and feel your best for your active lifestyle

  In this course, Registered Dietitian, Ultrarunner, and founder of Endurance Nutrition--Kayla Fitzgerald, will walk you through the process of creating your own customized race day fueling plan. No more guessing and hoping that the few gels you brought will get you though. You'll learn exactly what to eat and how much in order to feel your best and crush your next race!  

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The Dig In Membership is the most budget friendly and VALUE packed way we can work together! It includes access to: 1 LIVE Q&A + 1-2 LIVE Masterclasses each month,  Expert Guest Speakers, exclusive weekly newsletter with tips, recipes, special offers and more, PLUS 10% off all programs and merch! At $10/month you won't find a better way to connect with a Dietitian.

Normally $10/month----Grab it here for $99 for the entire year

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