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5 Days Of Christmas Deals

Check out our 5 Days of Christmas Deals good through 12/23 at midnight EST. Not sure what you need? Email me and I'm happy to help you--that's what I'm here for!


The Dig In Membership is the most budget friendly way we can work together but packed with an insane amount of VALUE! 

It includes access to:1 LIVE Q&A + 1-2 LIVE Masterclasses each month, exclusive weekly newsletter with tips, recipes, special offers and more, PLUS 10% off all programs and merch!

Imagine learning from and getting to ask questions to your Dietitian all through the year!

EVERYTHING you need as a runner to help dial in your daily nutrition needs PLUS nail down your fueling during your runs so you can have the perfect fueling plan and PR that next race

Go into 2023 supporting your body through all your epic adventures!


You track your intake for 3 days and I'll take a DEEP dive into your daily nutrition and provide detailed feedback + an action plan to help you get where you want to be.

Stop signing up for fad diets and quick fixes and get information about your current nutrition habits that is  actually tailored to YOU and not millions of other people!

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